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  • 2000 honda trx300ex $2,500

    The quad’s TRX450R-inspired bodywork could be among the reasons for receiving such reverence (although I find that amusing since the Honda 300EX entered the ATV landscape way ahead of the well-renowned racer). If you are wondering, (yes!) you read that right — the Honda TRX300EX debuted in 1993 and stayed in production until 2012.

    Now to the machine’s fine qualities. The Honda TRX300EX boasts a powerful 282-cc SOHC engine that delivers impressive performance throughout the entire RPM range. Engine smoothness is greatly improved — thanks to its gear-driven counterbalancer reducing vibrations for a smoother ride. Furthermore, its automatic cam-chain tensioner eliminates the need for manual adjustments, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

    A CDI system with electronic advance guarantees reliable starts, while an electric starter makes it easy to get the engine up and running.

    As for breathability, the quad’s snorkel-type air intake is cleverly positioned high in the frame, minimizing the risk of water and dirt contamination — thus ensuring uninterrupted performance.

    The Honda TRX300EX’s carburetion and powertrain systems and throttle responsiveness are also pretty impressive, as you will later discover in the next section.


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