ASV F4 Series Pro Model Clutch Lever


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The F4 Series levers features the same “dial adjust” reach design found on the premium CNC machined C6 series levers that allow you to adjust how far the lever is from the handlebar by simply turning an indexing dial wheel. Instantly adjust your lever reach with no tools.

The ASV “Pro Model” clutch lever features an ASV Designed “Pro Model” perch that has four features not found on the “Standard” perch that comes with the standard clutch levers.

  • (1) First and foremost it features a “true” quick adjustable cable adjuster that adjusts your clutch cable tension by simply turning an indexing star dial at the barrel. The barrel does not thread into the perch, it slides in or out when the star adjuster is turned. The star adjuster features internal springs and bearings with set screw tensioners that allow you to increase or decrease the effort required to spin the dial and the tension of the indexing detents that the spring loaded bearings fall in and out of.
  • (2) The ASV “Pro Model” clutch perch also features sealed bearings on the main pivot between the perch and lever.
  • (3) An ASV dust cover is also included.
  • (4) The ASV “Pro Model” clutch also features ASV’s patented Rotator Clamp to allow the perch AND lever to rotate on the bar in the event of a vertical impact, protecting the entire perch and lever assembly.

Optional dial adjuster wheel colors are available (and sold separately) to customize the look and create your own unique set of F4 levers. Customizing the fit of your ASV lever has never been easier! Black levers come standard with Red dials. Blue levers come standard with Silver dials. Red levers come standard with Black dials. Orange levers come standard with Black dials.

Also features the Unbreakable ASV pivot design which allows the lever to fold out of the way in the event of a crash.

  • Unbreakable design.
  • On-the-fly adjustable reach.
  • Material: 6061 aluminum alloy.
  • Process: Forged.
  • Steel, sealed bearings on pivot.
  • Chrome silicon high tension spring.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Completely rebuildable.
  • Available with and without Hot Start.
  • Four-year guarantee.
  • Sold as a set: One (1) clutch lever, One (1) Pro Model perch, One (1) dust cover and One (1) rotator clamp.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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